Advanced health services by Micromed Diagnostics

Micromed Diagnostics has a sales department with executives of many years of experience, in order to provide high quality services before and after the sale, with the main concern being the satisfaction of our partners.

The company has a well-equipped technical department with responsible and specialized staff, which undertakes the full support of our customers.
The service department of Micromed Diagnostics consists of staff with many years of experience and knowledge of the subject, who performs scheduled preventive inspections, as well as the maintenance of the machines according to the guarantee provided by the company.
Close Up Scientist using microscope in laboratory room while making medical testing and research
Glass laboratory chemical test tubes with liquid for analytical , medical, pharmaceutical and scientific research concept.

Micromed Diagnostics has in-depth knowledge of both existing and emerging technology. It offers improved operation by upgrading the operating system and the ability to use new technologies, while achieving problem solving by correcting any errors.

With the delivery of the new analyzer to the place that you will indicate to us, the technical staff of Micromed Diagnostics undertakes the installation, connection and operation control of your analyzer.


Specialized staff undertakes the presentation of the basic functions of your new analyst.