Micromed Diagnostics

Reliable and advanced health services driven by high quality 

Cutting-edge technologies

Devices of high medical technological specifications

Scientific support

Distinguished scientific team with renowned biochemists

Excellent technical support

Speed ​​and reliability in every technical aspect of your equipment


High standard analysts accompanied by a perfect scientific and technological support always driven by quality

Spare Parts

Our entire range of spare parts comes from certified and trusted suppliers. Micro med Diagnostics has a wide variety and high quality of genuine spare parts based on strict standards, always with the appropriate scientific care and aiming at the excellent condition of your analyst. The large stock in our warehouse guarantees your immediate service in case of failure. The experienced support team is on hand to assist you at any time.

Reliability and training by Micromed Diagnostics

The scientific team consists of distinguished scientists, renowned biochemists and a special scientific research and development team that is in direct collaboration with research institutes worldwide.

Micromed Diagnostics is staffed with properly trained staff, so as to ensure the full scientific coverage of its customers always guided by their needs. One of the first priorities of the company is the continuous education and training of the staff, which takes place in the offices of our company, but also in the collaborating companies.

Prompt customer service by professionals with high technological background, scientific support from specialized staff, personal contact with the customer and constant control of reagents, ensure your excellent guidance in any question that arises, so you do not waste valuable time from work your.

Our company has a well-equipped technical department, with responsible and manpower, trained in the offices of our company, but also in partner companies. An integral part is the constant information in order to stay close to the technological developments of the industry.

Our technicians are fully trained and ready to solve any problem that arises for analysts, always having as a priority the immediate response and finding the most effective solution. Immediate access to spare parts and the necessary technical means leads to the rapid elimination of faults, the repair of the analyzer and finally to the excellent operation of your laboratory.

The customer technical support department offers guaranteed and immediate service, repair, installation, update of analysts as well as staff training throughout Greece.

Micromed Diagnostics has been certified according to the requirements of the standard ELOT EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System

International Certification Body Lloyd’s Quality Assurance

The certification has been approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance in accordance with the requirements for the Quality Management System, included in Decision ΔΥ8δ / 1348 of the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Greece for the distribution of reagents and consumables for IN VITRO diagnostic use.

Certification of compliance with the requirements of the ministerial decision ΔΥ8δ / Γ.Π.οικ./1348 / 2004 (Government Gazette 32b) regarding the distribution of medical devices.

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